About Tina Gjersen-Sav

Tina Gjersen-Sav (born 1964) is from Langeland, Denmark, and completed her apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1985 with the Valdemar Jørgensen & Family firm of goldsmiths (est. 1931). She then specialised at the national school of metalworking arts, focusing on enamelling, repoussé metalwork, gem-setting and metal casting.

She also gained a BA in religion, corporate and staff management from the University of Southern Denmark in 2009, and ran her own business as a goldsmith from 2010.

In 2018, she won the Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Masters in the men’s jewellery category for her Saturn cufflinks.

In 2022, she was admitted to the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild (Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug) and as an artisan goldsmith, she supplements her art with creative and artisanal courses such as in gem setting and the Japanese Mokume-gane metalworking technique.

‘Wearable art – when creativity and craft meld as one’

Tina Gjertsen-Sav, artisan goldsmith

Member of

Tina Gjersen-Sav holds membership of Denmark’s most important trade network and jeweller associations:

Since 2022, Gjersen-Sav has been a member of the prestigious Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug, a guild of Denmark’s finest silver- and goldsmiths.

From the guild’s some 500 professional artisans and designers, Gjersen-Sav gains inspiration and inputs.

The organisation is an offshoot of the slow food movement, and aims to improve community life by reducing the pace of urban life.

The Danish

The Danish gemmological society was established in 1954 as a forum for gemmologists and those interested in gemstones and gemmology, i.e. the science behind precious stones.