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Artisan goldsmith Gjersen-Sav crafts rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches inspired by her natural surroundings in South Funen, Denmark and on her travels, including summer sailing around the South Funen archipelago. Most of her designs are born out of her personal view of the world around her. Aesthetically, she has developed her own style, which is at once contemporary, freely creative and naturalistic.


The Fragile design was created during the COVID-19 lockdowns as a reflection on what happens to us as people when we isolate ourselves inside our own bubble. In this design, the insect is weighted down by a ring on the back of its neck, limiting its view of the wider world. The inside of the ring is uneven to show that the insect is in its own ‘cloudy stew’ of ruminations and distortions, while its body is pale and fragile from running in circles.

Fragile’s Habitatis a work in progress, but the idea is for it to be mounted and made from mattified acrylic with ‘floating’ bubbles in pale blue, ethereal colours to trigger the sense of being alone in a universe disconnected from nature.

The Matriarch

With The Matriarch, the designer’s aim is to express and pay tribute to female prowess in the raw by portraying an insect that consumes, captures and copulates as the mood takes her, using her beauty to fulfil her cravings. Here, the designer is exploring gender rebalancing by portraying phenomena seldom associated with femininity. The insect leads a predatory life of eating and reproducing in a world where prowess rules and only the strongest survive. Eat, Prey, Love!

The Matriarch’s habitat is crafted in warm, deep shades from copper, brass, aluminium and silver. The Matriarch inhabits the purifying flames of erotic desire. . The copper base features striations and fractures in the material in which the artistry emphasises the design’s discourse with humanity and our world.

Eye Rings

The Eye Rings were conceived in a reflection on what we actually see when we look. The designs are intended to be humorous, unpretentious ice-breakers and conversation-starters, and to bring out a smile. Some resemble the eye of a bird, others a reptile, while the ring itself may be smooth or rough. Like the insects, the eyes do not represent a specific species, but are composed of tactile forms that appeal to our sense of touch.


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