Holoptic Fly Larva

Øje-fluen inklusiv habitat

White gold ring with 8 mm faceted green/blue tourmaline.

Stamped: 101/005 – GJERSEN 585

The Big-Headed Fly caught my interest for its large eye and the tiny wings on its relatively small body… makes you wonder…can it fly or is it top-heavy? Is it more at risk of getting something stuck in its big eye?

All the eye facets inspired me to create a semi-circular top in which the little eye discs are floating. (All the discs can be set with brilliant-cut diamonds). The delicate wings and dainty legs are also rendered in this insect design.

My fly ring was given shoulders to balance all the components.

This piece is an element in a composite artistic work, and is part of the HABITAT project.

Offered for sale with a proviso granting the artist the right to exhibit the sold item.