Mr. Spy

Insect jewellery designs including Habitat

Agent Blow-Fly

Stamped: 101/007 – GJERSEN 925. Silver with rutilated quartz and gold proboscis.

Large, iridescent, stunning and seductive, mysterious, exotic and with a great sense of humour.

Life as a blow-fly may not be all that exotic, and humans tend to express disgust at its presence. They are no doubt thinking about hygiene, and where it last touched down…

Here I’ve elevated the chubby blow-fly to Agent Spy. Iridescent wings, intensely black eyes alert, and antennae primed, he’s a smooth operator. Mr. Spy is sporting his pin-striped suit fashioned from rutilated quartz.

Working on this ring, I had a whale of a time.

Silver with rutilated quartz and gold proboscis.


This piece is an element in a composite artistic work, and is part of the HABITAT project.

Offered for sale with a proviso granting the artist the right to exhibit the sold item.