It is all Legs. Brooch including habitat

Materials: Two 2.9 mm garnet orbs. 925 silver 585 rose gold. Dimensions: Total length 11 cm. Width: 4 cm. Stamped: 101/003 – GJERSEN 925

The ideas behind this insect:

Moving only in slow-motion, this insect’s prowess is in its legs. With its powerful legs it pounces on its prey, pincering it with mighty claws.

The long sting in its tail is used for paralysing prey but also for swinging its rear up in the air to impress females and scare off rivals.

The elongated, specially evolved feelers reflect sensory impressions in 3D images used mainly for distinguishing friends and relatives from foes. The red eyes bestow this nocturnal creature with the benefit of night vision.

When the full moon shines on its glossy body it is highly active, both in hunting for food and seeking a mate.

This piece is an element in a composite artistic work, and is part of the HABITAT project.

Offered for sale with a proviso granting the artist the right to exhibit the sold item.