Brooch including habitat

Stamped: 101/002 – GJERSEN 925.

Dimensions: total length 8.5 cm. Width: 4 cm. Materials: 0.95 ct. sapphire, rose cut, colours: green, blue, violet. 925 silver. 585 gold.

The ideas behind this insect:

A young, not yet fully matured individual. The spindly legs have no real function yet, as the insect does not need to move out into the world, but allows the world to come to her.

The wings, not yet ready for flight, serve as exquisitely colourful adornments, like the feelers coiffed back for maximum visual effect.

This insect feeds by sucking up syrupy nectar through its straw-like proboscis. The hook on its hindquarters serves to command respect and retain followers to admire its intellect and beauty (enfant terrible?).


This piece is an element in a composite artistic work, and is part of the HABITAT project.

Offered for sale with a proviso granting the artist the right to exhibit the sold item.