Queen Ant’s Summer Swarm

Dressed to Kill. Brooch including habitat

Stamped: 101/008.

Brooch made of 14-karat gold, and set with 1 Cygnet Bay South Sea cultured pearl, baroque shape 15.5 mm, B1+ and 2 x Keshi South Sea 4 mm cultured pearls and cabochon-cut rubies totalling 0.18 ct. Stamped: 101/008 – GJERSEN 585

The ideas behind this insect:

In early summer, the mature ants are ready to mate, and fly from their colonies in great swarms. They appear intoxicated as they mate in mid-air, and soon after the male dies – its destiny fulfilled. The impregnated female ant now flies off to find a suitable place to found a new ant colony.

I envisage the Queen Ant exuding erotic prowess and fertility, with an assured allure for the alpha males.

This brooch was submitted as an entry in an international competition in Australia, in extension of which it was exhibited in Sydney and other Australian cities in 2018.


This piece is an element in a composite artistic work, and is part of the HABITAT project.

Offered for sale with a proviso granting the artist the right to exhibit the sold item.