What happens when you unite the skilled precious-metal worker’s craft with art, science and arts & culture outreach?

With the aim of engaging further with the world of art, Gjersen-Sav is in the process of exploring the possibility of releasing her HABITAT project as an exhibition. Through 101 freely interpreted insect-inspired art jewellery designs and accompanying habitats, personality and message, she philosophises on human behaviour and survival strategies in a world facing a biodiversity crisis.

As part of the exhibition, she is experimenting with the idea of involving biologists and general scientists to provide spoken-word presentations on the decline in insect populations and the loss of habitats. By allying science with the art of precious metal working, the aim is to raise awareness of the state of the planet and our role in biodiversity loss. The idea is for the exhibition to be mounted at an art gallery or science museum.


Gjersen-Sav also works on a larger scale: in her jewellery design project HABITAT,
she explores what happens when the world of insects is expanded, and the creatures make their home in a thematic landscape. For HABITAT, she crafts a mini world measuring 20 x 20 cm from metal, wood or other materials to support the insect’s story, and which can be “inhabited” by the piece when not worn by its owner. Each insect design with its habitat is a standalone piece, but all of the designs together form a complete work.

The idea is that the habitats might encourage us to reflect on our survival strategies and behaviour, and aspects of ourselves that resemble the situation of the insects. Perhaps we are unable to step outside the bigger picture and consider the crisis surrounding insects as unconnected to our own existence?

Showroom in

As an artisan goldsmith, Tina has a studio and showroom in Svendborg, Funen, which is open to visitors interested in viewing and purchasing works and trying them on. Quite literally.