'Like humans,
insects have well-evolved
survival strategies such as
attack, flight, hibernation and camouflage’

Jewellery design philosophy

Who are you as a consumer, and what life are you actually leading? These are not thoughts ordinarily associated with buying jewellery, but the works of artisan goldsmith Gjersen-Sav challenge convention, aiming deliberately to sting, pique and bite, like the many insects she has crafted over the years in gold, silver, precious stones and pearls.

From her studio in Svendborg, Denmark, she crafts brooches, pendants, bracelets and rings inspired by the forces of nature. Occupying a special place in her portfolio, her insect jewellery designs are not true-to-life copies of actual insects, but instead embody elements from the crawling and flying world of creatures in all their diversity. A world we are all familiar with, but may never have stopped to observe.

Gjersen-Sav has created a parallel universe in which we can reflect more closely on the insects, and thereby ourselves.

As an artisan goldsmith formally trained in her art and trade, Tina Gjertsen-Sav’s jewellery has long since transitioned from decorative design to fine art pieces with a mission to engage us in a discourse on our part in nature’s circularity and the biodiversity crisis we are facing.

More complex
than mere beauty

‘For me, being a goldsmith is about connecting with our earliest origins.
Because the materials, gemstones and minerals I work with go back to the geological beginnings of planet Earth, and my aim is to transform these into unique designs that inspire their owners to reflect on the bigger picture.’

‘Customers who choose to adorn themselves with my designs are relating to something more complex than the simple visual appeal of a ring or pendant. The feelings triggered by my insects and their stories may inspire customers to explore something deeper and more existential within themselves: What makes me behave the way I do? What choices am I making in life?’

The planet’s insects are under pressure because their environments and habitats are being sacrificed for human progress. But without all that creeps and crawls, nature cannot survive and regenerate its balance.

Modern Man is just as fragile, and will eventually have to take a stand on what natural resources we are exploiting, and how.
Gjersen-Sav’s art is a mind-expanding door to the bigger picture and our biological connection with something as small but vital as insects.

‘Eat, Prey, Love!’

Tina Gjertsen-Sav, artisan goldsmith